Summer Day Camp is available to children who have completed Kindergarten up to 7th Grade

OPEN HOUSE EVENTS:  SUNDAY APRIL 2, 2017 & SUNDAY MAY 7, 2017                                                                                                                   1PM to 4PM  Meet the staff, tour the facility and see what exciting plans we have in store for another fun and adventurous summer!

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Video games and social media will never replicate the experience of playing outside until your legs won’t run anymore, singing songs on a school bus at the top of your lungs, or diving off the dock at the pool with your friends on hot Friday afternoons. At Colonial Sports Summer Camp, kids get to be kids with weekly field trips, park days, pool days, Big Camp Challenges, sports, games, and teambuilding activities. We have highly developed and innovative curriculum that challenges our campers to grow emotionally, physically, and socially throughout the season. Make memories with us this summer that will last a lifetime.

Check out our links on our policies, ordering forms, and handbooks for more information, or call 610-777-9651 to speak to any of our friendly staff members or schedule a tour of the facilities.

Helpful Quick Tips For Parents:

Please allow 10-15 minutes when dropping off your child at the beginning of the week (or first day of the week your child is attending) for general housekeeping items such as making payments, field trip information or any other item you may need to review with one of our staff members to get the week started of right.

Daily: Please remember to put sunscreen on your child prior to coming to camp.

Lunches!  If you are not ordering your child’s lunch with us, please be sure to pack one 🙂

Send your child in shoes that they can walk, run and play easily.  Flip flops/sandals can lead to accidents and sore feet.

Field Trip and Park Days:  Sending a marked water bottle with your child’s name.

Field Trip Days:  CAMP TSHIRT!!! This helps us to easily identify and keep track of our group in busy areas, plus looks great in all of our pictures!

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